Life is a mystery.

Lyfe always surprises you, for better or worse. It can shocked your days in the most incredible ways.

It was Spring, May to be precise, of 2015. I was 42 and as I did every year, I took my examinations to check up. I’m not hypochondriac, I never was but I always believed in prevention so I did my controls, even that year, but this time  something went wrong. I still remember doctor’s face when he examined my mammography  and he asked me if I was there alone  or there was someone with me. In that moment I understood my life would have been shocked again  as it was just 4 years before by a violent and unexpected encephalithis and that it was coming again into something bad and unexpected. The path was the same of all people who struggle against cancer.  Examinations, analysis, desperation, questions. I asked myself:’ Why have I to face another prove? Wasn’t enough what have I to fought for two months of my life?’. Questions that remained without answers and there’s not time to search them. In that moment, I shoud have act in a rush to remove that alien inside me, to take my life back and run for healing.

The desperation of the first time was replaced by the knowledge I could win again. ‘Mrs, you have a tumor’.  I’d never thought to hear that words and instead a doctor was saying those to me. I didn’t have any other chance  than taking all my possible courage and jump on that cart.

It was very hot that 5 of august, one of the hottest summer of the last years and I was in a hospital bed fighting against the enemy. I went back home and I felt painful, without a piece of my breast but I was proud to have done it again. Andi show my pride every day with that scar. I didn’t know what would I have  been faced but I knew that prevention helped me to heal. as for all the incidents, I went to deep but I floated to the surface. Cancer didn’t absorb all  my energies, it multiplyed them and now I give those energies to someone like me who is fighting against a violent an unexpected diagnosis. ‘Cuore di donna’ association helps me to speack of cancer and prevention to all women;  it also helps me to say that everyone can live with a cancer if it is discovered in time. I’m stronger now, I face life as it comes. My shape is hard because life is full of battle that it’s worth to fight somehow, in every situation. I live now because I won. And, more than ever  I always do what makes me happy.

  • Photographer: Luigi Cataldo
  • In collaboration with: Associazione "Cuore di Donna"