It comes  immediately. You live your life as a swollen river and then you have to swim in the deep sea without  levees  and fences, in an infinite space.

Horizon is impossible to touch and it’s the symbol of a dream vanished in a soap babble.

I was surround by silence. The worst enemy of mankind entered my life boldly and unexpectedly. As a thief with the most destroying weapon he could have used. It wanted to take away from me the most beautiful and dearest thing I had,  it wanted to separate myself from my family , from my dearest, from life  itself.

Inside me , I felt scared, hungry, I wasn’t certain I’d see my children to grow up, to be there in their moments of happiness or encourage them in those of delusions. How could it be possible? How many times I asked myself where God was. He knew everything of time and place…only him could.

As the time passed, fear let place to suspence;  I hoped to hear me say That I was healed, I had the desire to live all in a better way.

Time is a great doctor; slowly, I learn to accept all this with so much courage to believe in the sentence: ’You’re healed’.

  • Photographer: Luigi Cataldo
  • In collaboration with: Associazione "Cuore di Donna"