Maria Grazia

This I how my path began.

That things you thought that happened  only to other people now it was happening to me.I was 44 when my doctors suggested me to do ultrasounds for a nodule under my armpit.
I didn’t do any mammography before.  And then the sentence: Mrs, you have a tumor. You have to do a visit with a surgeon.

The words of radiologist were cold: You can cry if you want, he continued to say without empathy.
No, I didn’t want to cry. I only want to die.

What did he say? I went there for a routine visit and now I had to manage all this bad true.
What sadness in that day…I visited many friends and doctors  in that days, and finally I realized the thing making it mine and reacting.

I had the  surgery in Rome. Before the surgery I laughed with all the staff of the O.R. ,in particular with Francesca the anesthetist. “ Francesca, make me wake up. There’s my daughter here with me’.

I remember very well her words: ’You have to wake up for yourself  you have to live for you and then for others to be guide to whom you love.
And so I did.

I reacted with always a smile on my face, I was an example for relatives and friends and still am I. I’m a real example for me. I’m big, I’m proud of what I have become.

  • Photographer: Luigi Cataldo
  • In collaboration with: Associazione "Cuore di Donna"