My name is Grazia, I’m 36 and the 31st of August of 2017 I had my second child. I,’ve always looked at life as it was a track and I tried to stay there without destracting or looking around for fear. I didn’t want to listen to bad things like wars or injustices or illnesses but in November of 2017 earth trumbled for me. Doctors said to me I had a tumor and I went off the truck. The 14th of December I had surgery and the 5th of July I started chemo. I’m going onwards with an incredible strength I didn’t believe to have. Everything  is so incredible to me. But I’m receiving a lot of help. I felt myself strong and determined. A person wrote me ‘every people you meet in this trip of yours is for your good sake’. ‘Every change will bring you to the goal….let people guide you in this journey you didn’t decide to do. Serenity and healing will be your gifts’.  I am a warrior among warriors.

  • Photographer: Luigi Cataldo
  • In collaboration with: Associazione "Cuore di Donna"