Once upon a time…I discovered my breast cancer three days after my birthday in November of 2012. I did mammography that day, my mother was with me and I asked the doctor to tell her the bad new because I couldn’t cause her that suffering. The morning after I went to hospital and in a few days I had surgery. I didn’t want to loose, I didn’t want to cause sufferings to those I loved.  I thought to my children who had the right to have their mother near them but I wasn’t scared, even in the days of therapy with all that horrible consequences. I faced everything and when nausea went away I used to go running in the park to breath fresh air and the sun made me feel better. In that period my sister was always with me, I owe her everything for  all the patience and strength she had, I always breathed her love, kisses, laughs caresses, tears. And then, there’s my husband, He was courageous and silent. I don’t know how we passed through this but now we have more in love than ever. Cancer was bad for everyone who had the courage to stay with me: friends, relatives, even when I was bad with them because of the cures, for that beast I hate inside. What am I now? I am life, I feel strong because I know I have an army that supports me  and it’s ready to fight with me against the monster. Once upon a time a monster and now it’s gone. I won.

  • Photographer: Luigi Cataldo
  • In collaboration with: Associazione "Cuore di Donna"