Luigi Cataldo

Luigi Cataldo was born in Brindisi, in 1975.

He attended ‘Istituto tecnico per geometri  O.Belluzzi and he became a surveyor, lately  qualified to act as an independent.

Now he’s an Italian Navy petty officer and he cooperates with the photographic studio of his  family.

‘Photography has always had an important part in my life,  from the very beginning, in fact my father was  a photographer of the Italian Aviation. I began to teke pictures for fun since I was 12, to celebrate little ceremonies of my family or scholastic trip. As the time passed, I felt my passion for photography would have become even more important’.

In 2008, he cooperated with the diocesan magazine ‘Fermento’, taking pictures of Pope Benedict XVI’s trip in Brindisi.

In 2009, his shots were selected and  published with those of others authors, in the document-book ‘Brindisi, porta aperta sul mare’.

In the same year he joined the association of phothographs ‘Cantierimmagine’, and he took part in two exhibitions:

-August 2010: Giovanni Poli “Una vita per la musica”;

-July 2013: collective called “La ricerca, il Viaggio”.

Some of his pictures were published on national magazine such as Il Fotografo and Photo Photoprofessional Canon Edition.

He also took part to several  workshops of great national and international professionists  such as Sara Lando, Mauro Prevete aka Mauronster, Marianna Santoni,  Settimio Benedusi,  Edoardo Agresti, Elena Givone, Bruno Barillari, Pierpaolo Cito, Silvio Bursomanno who improved his technical skills.

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