Cuore di Donna

Cuore di donna is an association born in the province of Bergamo, in 2012. From that time onwards it improved its presence on the territory creating several operative groups. The Brindisi’s one was created in 2015 as the first in Apulia and in the entire South Italy. It’s an association of women for women and its principal goals is to support women who have struggled or are struggling with breast cancer and the difficult path of the cure and  most of all to spread prevention as the only possible way to defeat tumor.

In this two years the operative group of Brindisi took many iniziatives to sensitize people to prevention. Every year, in October, an important monument of the city is illuminated with pink light and some volunteers organize days of free medical visits with ultrasounds for young ladies in cooperation with ASL doctors.  Volunteers also participate to seminary organized by some other association of the territory and they organized conventions to sensitize people in the province,

The association also created a project for women to go sailing after the tumor.

Cuore di donna also act in schools as many other associations, in fact it joined Europa Donna Italia ,movement created by doctor Umberto Veronesi to give voice and rights to all women who face breast cancer. Cuore di Donna, association of women for women has only one purpose: prevention!

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