faces of women who won cancer

Luigi Cataldo e Cuore di Donna Brindisi

Life is woman

The photographic project ‘Life is woman’- faces of women who won cancer- was born by the wishing to communicate to all women struggling with this illness that there are many ways to ‘win’. I was particularly touched by this issue, in fact I loss a very important persons in 2013, so I decided to be a witness, to dedicate myself to do something useful for such a great thing even if I didn’t know how.  Finally I thought to do it with the thing that makes me free, with my obsession, with something that’s in my blood: photography.

How would I do that, what kind of language would I  use , how would i manage this particular topic? I started to do some research trying to understand how others authors faced this type of photographic project and I leave you imagine what photographs I saw clicking on google…, maybe too hard for what I wanted to say, very hard images of scares, spectacular images of tragic moments but…I wanted to convey faith and serenity. So I decided to do the less simple thing to tell this story. I chose portraits.

With so much inner difficulty and trying to be extremely descrete I started to ask to some women I know if they wanted to be photographed and many of them said ‘no’, but  finally I met Tiziana, chief of  Cuore di Donna association and  with Manuela, the psychologist, they introduced me to the women who have been photographed for this project.

The project, started more than a years ago, faced many difficulties so I thought I was doing a wrong thing but finally it unexpectly came to do its way when my wife send a message to one of her friend: I reached a congruous number of portraits…so It came the moment to show them.

You will see twenty portraits. Twenty portraits of real women, no models, each of them with their emotional story, a message of hope. Maybe there would be some technical imperfection, maybe I did the wrong stylistic choice, maybe, maybe, maybe….

That’s no important because in every portraits there’s a story, a life, a little hop , a little emotion, a little of me.

The Project